[Dojo-interest] SVN Path Change

Dustin Machi dmachi at sitepen.com
Thu Apr 10 05:04:03 UTC 2008

Due to the cascading authentication issues discussed last week in the 
Dojo IRC meeting, one more svn path change must be made in order to set 
things straight.  I apologize for any inconveniences.   The new url is 
http://svn.dojotoolkit.org/src for the main dojotoolkit repository.  
While not all enabled tonight, other repo's will be located at /dojoc 
and /infrastructure and other such paths off of the root.  You can view 
detailed instructions at 

For the attention challenged:
    if (committer){
       svn --username=LarryBird co 
https://svn.dojotoolkit.org/src/view/committer/all/trunk  dojo-trunk
    } else {
       svn co https://svn.dojotoolkit.org/src/view/anon/all/trunk  

Update your externals!!!!


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