[Dojo-interest] InlineEditBox : cancelFunction

Mam dojomam at rediffmail.com
Wed Feb 28 22:57:44 MST 2007

I have created InlineEditBox dynamically and tried to catch the function on clicking cancel button. This is how I should do:dojo.event.connect(wi, \"onUndo\",  \"cancelFun\");But unfortuanately, came to know from the same mailing people, this is a bug, I cannnot do. They gave a hint to work upon.This is what I did:        var wi=dojo.widget.createWidget(\"InlineEditBox\", {id:\"edit\"+next_id,value:\"To Do List \"+next_id},wo,\"last\");        dojo.event.connect(wi, \"onSave\",  \"saveHandler\");        dojo.event.connect(wi, \"cancelEdit\",  \"cancelFun\");Now this statement calls the function \'cancelFun\' once I click Cancel button. But that is also called even if I click Save button. So when I click Save button, two functions are called: \'saveHandler\' as well as \'cancelFun\'. Why is this so? Can anybody explain me this or give me a hint to how to overcome this problem and achieve my idea of only calling save function and only executing cancel function. Any suggestions are welcome.Thanks in advance.Mam.
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