[Dojo-interest] Redrawing only axes

Priyamvad Deshmukh priyamvad at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 02:31:41 MST 2007

Hey there

I am working on plotting dynamic graphs and rendering the whole chart every
time I update the plotted values or scroll through the graph. This is giving
me very large overheads.
 I want to keep on seeing my Y-axis as I'm scrolling through my graph and
I'm calculating it's position and placing it appropriately but then  as I
know of now, rendering the WHOLE chart is the only way to shift the Y-axis.

IS there any other way I can do this?? Can i just render the Axes alone??..
what's the way to do it?
I have tried unsuccessfully till now and couldn't find any way, axis.render()
doesn't seem to work!!!

Waiting anxiously
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