[Dojo-interest] multiple publications occur with treecontextmenu

christopher taylor christopher.paul.taylor at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 12:12:53 MST 2007


so i've written an application where the a treecontextmenu publishes a
topic (using dojo's publication system) to notify a widget factory to
create content for another widget.

i've discovered that when i click on an option from the
treecontextmenu the factory that is waiting for the topic runs it's
method to create the content 2 times. i've tracked the bug back as far
as i can and it appears to be an issue with dojo.

also note, when this topic is published, the treecontextmenu posts the
treenode that was clicked. the factory method captures the node
correctly both times BUT the factory that calls the method loses data
in the second call.

a instance member of the factory is set to null when the method code
executes. the first time the value is correct.

any tips or insight into the dojo.event.topic.publish/subscribe system
would be greatly appreciated. i've tried to subscribe my listeners to
the topic so they execute hitches to the methods that are supposed to
run and i've also tried to do the same without hitches.

thanks for any help that you all can provide!


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