[Dojo-interest] Custom Widgets with widgets in template problem

Rhapidophyllum rhapidophyllum at cox.net
Wed Feb 14 17:25:14 MST 2007

In a custom widget I'm working on, I would get a similar error
message from the line:

<button dojoType="dojo:button" dojoAttachPoint="testDojoButton"  

However, when I removed the semi-colon in  
the error message was gone.  I just went back and double-checked.

Can't tell you anything else...just this experience!

On Feb 14, 2007, at 6:22 PM, Andrew Scott wrote:

> Huh?
> I use a semicolon in every other widget template I have written,  
> and it
> never complains. I know what the problem is I just do not know how  
> to fix
> it.
> Because I am attaching the event to the filteringTable, dojo tells  
> me that
> it is a problem, yet the event still fires if I click on the row.
> And as I have that event call in my custom widget, I cant see how  
> to get
> this to work without that error message.
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> One thing to try is removing the semi-colon in "onSelect:onSelect;".
> On Feb 13, 2007, at 10:59 PM, Andrew Scott wrote:
>> Ok I have a template that has the following in the template all
>> works until
>> I added the attachEvent, then I get the following error when
>> loading but
>> after that the event still fires as expected.
>> My question is that I am obviously not doing this right, so what is
>> the
>> problem and how do I get around it.
>> Is not a function in widget [filteringtable]
>> Here is the code for that section of temnplate
>> <table class="FilterTable" dojoType="filteringTable"
>> widgetId="${this.widgetId}_SearchTable" multiple="false"
>> alternateRows="true" rowAlternateClass="alternateRow" maxSortable="1"
>> cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" dojoAttachEvent="onSelect:onSelect;">

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