[Dojo-interest] Scrollbars on filtering table problem!

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I was able to hack it by putting the table full size in a content pane. 
The contentpane then is responsible for the scrollbars.

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Re: [Dojo-interest] Scrollbars on filtering table problem!

If you care about Safari and Internet Explorer, the short version is that 
can't with pure CSS.  That's the reason why there's no real solution in 
tests; even the SortableTable solution I pulled was a pretty nasty hack.

If you don't care about either of those browsers, the key is to set an
explicit height on the tbody element.


PriceNation wrote:
> I have a table that gets created on the server. I then use dojo to make 
> a filtering table. The problem is that I have an external css that has 
> selectors
> table tbody {
>   overflow: auto;
> }
> table.filteringTable tbody {
>   overflow: auto;
> }
> and still no scrollbars show up? How do I keep the table a set size and
> get srollbars to show up when the user shrinks the window down?

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