[Dojo-interest] Fw: Replace existing "normal" HTML select with dojo combo boxes

Karl Tiedt ktiedt at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 04:21:21 MST 2007

programatically step through every select element and call createWidget on
it... but at that point you might as well WRITE the dojoType into each one
so you dont have to do the job of the widget Parser yourself....


On 2/13/07, Giuseppe Cassata <gcassata at avelco.com> wrote:
>  Nothing works....
> I'd like  a way, if possible, to replace every existing HTML select in the
> page and replace with the dojo ones at the onload event of the page
> Any Idea??
> I tried with CreateComponents, CreateSubcomponents the look and the
> behaviour remain the same...
> Thank you
> Thanks to Tomas Wolf for formbind problem
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