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Spiros Papadopoulos spap13 at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 11 16:23:06 MST 2007

On 11/02/07, Thomas Wolf <tw at wsf.at> wrote:
> How do you call insert_exists()? I tried to reproduce
> your situation and got the same error under certain
> circumstances when coding:
> <form id="test" onsubmit="insert_exists(this)">
> while:
> <form id="test" onsubmit="return(insert_exists(this))">
> worked reliably.
> Thomas

Thanks a lot for your reply. I was away for the weekend, didn't have
Internet and just checked my e-mail.

I tried with the return(insert_exists(this)) but didn't work.

This is how i call the function:
<FORM onSubmit="javascript: checkInputs(this);"
NAME="addpersonFrm" ID="addPersonFrm" ACTION="<?php echo
$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']."?addr"; ?>" METHOD="post">

Since it worked for a while...(!!) i implemented some of the code that i
want in the load function.
I leave this here, even if this is only testing code and i think that
has nothing to do with the error since
I've commented out before. Point is that alert(data); should print exists or
not exists as appropriate. Anyway..

The checkInputs() func was inside index.php file. From there i was calling
insert_exists(), after other
validation checks. Since it stopped working again and for two days i tried
many things
(..even changed the name of the function to make sure the underscore :(
doesn't affect anything, ...I know...
it's called desperation) i also added all validation checks into this one
function and changed the name.
I omit those checks here. After the changes this is how the function is at
the moment:

function checkInputs(tform) {

/* Several other validation checks here, also return false if sth wrong.
This works! */

var urlstr = "http://localhost/folder/folder/scripts/contactexists.php?";
/* i mainly use: var urlstr = "scripts/contactexists.php?"; */

var elVal;
var elName;
for(var x = 0; x < tform.elements.length; x++) {
        elVal = tform.elements[x].value;
        if(elVal != "") {
               elName = tform.elements[x].name;
               if(elName != "") {
                       if(elName != 'addrType' && elName != 'country')
                               urlstr += elName+"="+elVal+"&";
urlstr = urlstr.substring(0, urlstr.length -1);

if(urlstr.length > 0) {

        alert(urlstr);   //this prints:
scripts/contactexists.php?fname=Spiros&email=spap13 at googlemail.com
        dojo.io.bind ( {
                 url: urlstr,
                 mimetype: "text/plain",
                 method: "GET",
                 transport: "XMLHTTPTransport",
                 error: function(type, error, httpObj) {
                           dojo.debug("Error: "+error.message+" and Type:
                 load: function(type, data, httpObj) {
                           var message = data;
                           if(message == "not exists")
                                    return true;

                           var row = document.createElement('tr');
                           var cell = document.createElement('td');

                           cell.innerHTML = message;
                           cell.setAttribute("id", "existsCell");
                           cell.setAttribute("class", "cell");
                           return false;
         } );

The contactexists.php, which if i call from the browser works:

/* to start, only checking if name is given */
if(isset($_GET['fname'])) {

      /* several if() to construct query depending on the given
data...omitted */

      $result = mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error());
      if(mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
              print "person exists";
              print "not exists";
}/* I even put a print here to make sure it is not the above code */
else {
     print "i print this";

I don't believe this is it, but just in case, can the POST method used on
the form
interfere with the GET in the function?
This must be something stupid...! I cannot understand how 2 other functions
which, OK, do different things, BUT in the same exactly way.. work

Thank you
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