[Dojo-interest] Re: Dojo 0.41 in IE : gfx images move when another gfx shape is drawn outside of the surface area.

Eugene Lazutkin eugene.lazutkin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 14:53:27 MST 2007

This is a well-known problem. SVG clips everything on its "surface"
boundary, while VML draws everything happily outside of a "surface"
dynamically modifying its geometry. There is no work-around for that,
and I don't think MS is going to fix VML any time soon --- from IE6 to
IE7 we saw a reduction in supported features. I suggest to do it in the
application layer, e.g., don't allow users to draw shapes outside of a
surface. It is a certifiable P.I.T.A., but it works.



Aaron Staves wrote:
> This might be hard to explain, for starters lets say i have a gfx image at
> x:0, y:0 (640x480) and on gfx surface (640px x 480px).  From there, any
> time
> i draw a shape that exceeds the boundaries of the surface, say a line with
> {x1:0, y1:0, x2:640, y2:480, width:100} or a circle {cx:200, cy:200, r:
> 400}.  This seems to 'cause the bounding area of the image (previously
> 640x480) to extend beyond (or behind) the viewable surface.  So now when
> the
> image redraws at 0,0, the 0,0 point of reference has changed from where it
> was originally.
> I realize this is kind of hard to picture, so i've made a demo that can be
> found here : http://aaron.schoolinsummertime.com/gfx/line.html . 
> Basically,
> it should load a line that is overlayed on top of an image.  Now if you
> click "toggle line" that will 'cause the line to get wider, and you can see
> the image move.  When you click "toggle line" again, it will 'cause the
> line
> to get smaller, and the image will return to it's previous spot.  Also keep
> in mind, this only seems to be a problem with the VML side of gfx, the SVG
> tests seem to work just fine; so this will only occur under IE7 or IE6.
> I'm just wondering if there is something i'm missing when creating
> images on
> the surface, or if this is in fact a bug in dojo.gfx.  Any insight would be
> greatly appreciated! thanks!
> aaron
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