[Dojo-interest] Drag and drop onto an image

Rhapidophyllum rhapidophyllum at cox.net
Wed Feb 7 13:54:53 MST 2007

Would this work:  use a div, and CSS to set the image as a background  
image on the div.

On Feb 7, 2007, at 11:55 AM, Jim Higgins wrote:

> I am trying to drag and drop an object (an icon) directly onto an  
> arbitrary image and have the object remain visible on top of the  
> image in the position it was dropped.
> Dojo's DND doesn't work with <img> elements as the dropped object  
> becomes a child of the <img> and is therefore hidden.  One method I  
> am looking into is to make the image a background within a table  
> which forms a grid over the image.  The problem with this approach  
> is that background images cannot be scaled to fit the available  
> screen area and each table cell needs to be large enough to fit the  
> object or it pushes the other tables cells out of place.
> Any suggestions to accomplish this using Dojo or some other client  
> side javascript toolkit or methodology?
> Cheers,
> Jim
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