[Dojo-interest] post bug with multiple params?

Paulo Siqueira paulo.siqueira at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 20:29:44 UTC 2007

Hello All,

We are porting our application to the new version of Dojo, 0.9.0.

When porting some ajax requests, I found something that seems to be a
critical bug (unless I'm missing something): If the form to be sent has
multiple parameters with the same name, DOJO only sends the last one of
then, instead of then all.

Here is a little code that should trigger the problem:

dojo.xhrPost ( {
    url: serverUrl,
    content: { test: "test1", test: "test2" },
    load: function( response, ioArgs ) {
        console.log( ioArgs.query );
} );

Notice that only "test: test2" is there. The problem persists even if you
use 'form' instead of 'content', and with both GET and POST requests.

Also, it works fine on DOJO 0.4.3.

Is this really a bug or its just something I misunderstood?


Paulo R C Siqueira
Sun Certified Java Programmer
Contato: (11) 8149-5046
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