[Dojo-interest] Hierarchieal data JSON in the data read API in 0.9

Jayaram jkrishnaswamy at comcast.net
Sat Aug 25 18:36:31 UTC 2007

The folllowing artcile may give you some thing to chew on:
some example XML file is here:

Hope this helps


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> Is it possible to have the data read api parse hierarchieal JSON
> objects? I'm sure it should be possible, but I wasn't able to find
> anything it the book. The only reference I found in the book had a
> flattened data object with references between elements.
> Can someone either help me with a link to the right spot, or with a
> sample data structure that can be parsed.
> On a side note, it seems like either the data classes are b0rken or
> that the sample data structures in the book are wrong. I couldn't get
> any of the samples there to work.
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