[Dojo-interest] where is the tooltip href functionality in 0.9?

Anni Hienola anni.hienola at bcplatforms.com
Thu Aug 23 06:19:41 UTC 2007

I'd like to point you to this forum thread

Scroll down the thread until you see Karl's tips and a link to the test 
code. This served me. Plain Tooltip I do not know about.


peter e higgins wrote:
> On Wednesday 22 August 2007 09:47, John Shen wrote:
>> the porting guide only said that it was removed and did not give any
>> indication as to how to do it in 0.9. it mentioned tooltipDialog, but no
>> such widget is found in dijit. any help is greatly appreciated.
> dojo.require("dijit.Dialog") provides dijit.TooltipDialog
> it extends dijit.layout.ContentPane, so href="" attrib should work just fine 
> (so the scriptScope/executeScipts stuff has been moved to 
> dojox.layout.ContentPane) ... no sure how easy it would be to extend 
> TooltipDialog to use dojox contentpane as it's super should you happen need 
> that functionality in a tooltipdialog ...
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