[Dojo-interest] Dojo 0.3.1 and Tree

Andrew Scott andrew.scott at aegeon.com.au
Thu Sep 28 19:30:58 MDT 2006

Ok I am defining a quick solution and this doesn't work.

<div dojoType="TreeNode" expandLevel="1" title="Remote Users"
widgetid="Root" objectid="Root" isFolder="True">
<div widgetid="Internal" dojoType="TreeNode" title="Internal Users"
object="Internal" isFolder="true"></div>
<div widgetid="Agents" dojoType="TreeNode" title="Agents" objectId="Agents"
<div widgetid="GroundOps" dojoType="TreeNode" title="Ground Ops"
objectId="GroundOps" isFolder="true"></div>
<div widgetid="Inactive" dojoType="TreeNode" title="Inactive Users"
objectId="Inactive" isFolder="true"></div>

Everytime the data is decoded on the server the widgetId and objected are
not defined when using the RPCCtrl anyone know why?

And no I can't use TreeV3 unless it is part of Dojo 0.3.1.

Yet if I return the data via the server, and its added to the Tree and sent
back to the server, the widgetId and ObjectId and other info exist, anyone
have any ideas on this?

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