[Dojo-interest] subversion? was: PROPFIND PROPPATCH methods

Joe la Poutre jsixpack at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 01:05:05 MDT 2006

Yes, that would be nice indedeed!

I'm working on a file manager for a Dutch ISP, we're still a few days
(weeks?) before alpha release, and then I'm considering putting the
Dojo/Dav specific code somewhere (widget library?). This largely
depends on the legal requirements of my client regarding code

Anyway, a rough outline looks like this:

Most is based on Tree v2.
TreeDavController extends TreeController (much like
TreeLoadingController does for JSON).
TreeFileNode extends TreeNode, mostly adding a few more labels and GUI
components for
file manipulation.
Some more extensions take care of context menu and
renaming/downloading/deleting files.

Not everything could be implemented on top of DAV in the current
browser model; I saw no way to enable donloading and uploading through
XHR/Dav methods (binary clean downloads are tricky and there's no
"save as interface", and there's no interface for uploading through
Dav PUT from a generic file form).

Not sure if the tree model would be the most appropriate for SVN, though...

On 9/25/06, Robert Koberg <rob at koberg.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> This thread made me think it would be nice to have a frontend to
> subversion (through webdav). Anybody done this? working on it?
> best,
> -Rob
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