[Dojo-interest] ajax on page load

tony yin gaoligong at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 03:30:02 MDT 2006

Hi dojoers:

I use dojo-ajax on page load but nothing happens. Here is my code:
function init() {
        var params = new Array();
        params['data'] = "aspect";
        var bindArgs = {
         url: "JSONData",
         error: function(type, data, evt){alert(evt);},
         mimetype: "text/json",
         content: params
        var req = dojo.io.bind(bindArgs);
        dojo.event.connect(req, "load", this, "populateDiv");

function populateDiv(type, data, evt){
    var pos ;     <--breakpoint


I use firebug to set breakpoint at firstLine of populateDiv(). But, you
know, the code never reach that point and no further result.
Please help me on this!

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