[Dojo-interest] A problem with Editor and Editor2 widgets

Victor Danilchenko victor at askonline.net
Sat Sep 16 20:28:20 MDT 2006

	Hi all,

	I have encountered an interesting problem with the Editor and Editor2 
widgets. I am using them in an application to edit text in place, then 
save the resulting HTML. Everything works fine when simple text is being 
edited for the first time, but if I edit the text to include some 
structural features (lists, headings, indents and justifications seem to 
do it), then save it, display it, and try to edit this HTML again -- the 
editing of any text at or below such HTML elements is impossible. It's 
as if they are read-only.

	Other HTML tags, the ones which don't affect the HTML flow (e.g. 
bold/italic/underline, color/background, etc.) don't have this effect; 
but the flow-affecting markup seems to be impossible to convert into an 
editable text, even though initially creating such text works fine. This 
sort of HTML seems to effectively become read-only.

	What's more, if I edit the still-editable section of the widget (the 
text before the first flow-altering HTML tag) and extract and save the 
widget text, the text at and after the flow-altering tags simply 
vanishes. That which used to be a read-only section of the edit window, 
is now simply gone. Just as the regular text below such an HTML tag 
became uneditable, the next getEditorContent() operation not merely 
skips the flow-altering text, but also everything below it, just as the 
widget itself rendered all that text uneditable.

	Any idea what's going on here? is this something I can control? I am 
using Firefox under Linux.

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