[Dojo-interest] TreeV3 Initialization Problem

Matthias Unverzagt matthias.unverzagt at enpasos.com
Thu Sep 14 00:51:31 MDT 2006

Hi all,

thanks a lot for your dojo work! As we do not want to bother you more 
than necessary ... to the point.

We are working on a JSF Tree component (Apache License 2) based on dojo 
TreeV3 accessed by json.
We would like to keep most of the state information on the JSF side:
+ Long term persisted information about Tree/Node/TreeTypes/TreeNodeTypes
+ User State related information about which Nodes are expanded and 
which not.
But we will certainly not keep the information on JSF side about wich 
nodes have already been loaded to dojo and which not.

We have a problem initializing the tree, as illustrated by the attached 
example that we expect to be placed in src/tests/widget/TreeV3.
We would like to have the Node A to be expanded initially (in general we 
would like to have some nodes expanded, some not, given by the JSF model.)
Expectedly NodeA toggler is on "-" but unexpectedly the child Node B 
doesn't show up.

Can you help?
Thanks a lot!



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