[Dojo-interest] alert('error downloading remote script');

Fredrik Johansson fredrik at mumme.se
Wed Sep 6 09:26:39 MDT 2006

onsdag 06 september 2006 14:26 skrev clayton brown:
>  I have several dojo(v3.0)  ContentPane's and when intially loaded they
> alert('error downloading remote script') in Firefox/Opera/IE (all latest)
> <div dojoType="ContentPane" id="cpValidation" refreshOnShow="true"
> parseContent="true" cacheContent="false" executeScripts="true"
> href="views/markup-validation.jsp?framework=true" label="Markup
> Validation"></div>
> Firstly - Do href's indicated need to produce fragments of a html doc or an
> entire <html><head/><body>content</body></html> ?

Fragments is enough.

if you dont set extractContent="false", it is true by default, a regex will 
extract the content inside body tag before it is innerHTML'ed.

> and secondly what is casuing this popup? i have tried debugging this by
> putting trvial scripts at the bottom of each page:

it is caused by a a download error of a remote script.

like  <script src="somenonexistingjsfile.js"></script>

> <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
> <!--
> alert('content pane foo - loaded');
> //-->
> </script>
> the alerts are fired, but i still get the errors, what am i doing wrong?
> Clay :-)

See the manual for more info

/ Fredrik

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