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Tue Sep 5 19:32:30 MDT 2006

I think it'll be hard for me to use a tree with checkbox, I hope you can do help.
Once someone has related yui 's treeview in the list, the example link is here http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/examples/treeview/check.html
hope this will help you to improve treev3.
and check is a property of treeview in yui.
Please don't change tree api when you changes the code next time, because api changes will cost me and those who use treev3 a lot work. I do thank you very much.

liuxin at itechs

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主题: Re: [Dojo-interest] hi, how to add checkbox in treev3

There is no extension now... But you could put it right into label =)

> could anyone tell me how to add checkbox in treev3,
> i know how to add this in old tree, but not treev3.
> thanks very much!
> liuxin at itechs
> 2006-09-05

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