[Dojo-interest] newbie + non-dojo-ajax and widgets

Gert van Spijker gert at ab-graph.com
Fri Sep 1 02:27:33 MDT 2006

Instead of setting the innerHTML of the div, call 
dojo.widget.createWidget. Also, instead of generating the html fragments 
for innHTML, generate a JSON object on the server side with arguments 
for the createWidget function. This is what I am doing in my current 
project and it works very well.


Dean Karres wrote:

>Hi again,
>This newbie is back again.  We currently have an ajax'd app tat is 80%
>complete.  We are looking at Dojo for the rich widget set.  One of
>our general questions is: will it be better to re-write everything
>on top of Dojo or just pick and choose from the widgets we want?
>In trying to answer that question I have tried a test.  We are using
>CGI::Perl [aka Perljax] for the ajax layer.  We draw a "base page"
>that has lots of controls on it and then make use of various onClick
>and other events to trigger all that ajax goodness.
>The test I just tried was to create a simple div and have its onClick
>event [via CGI::Ajax] call a perl function that returns the innerHTML
>content that would generate a Dojo floating pane.
>Result: the perl function is called and the innerHTML info is
>generated and returned but it seems that Dojo never becomes aware of
>the new widget.
>I can imagine creating the floating pane in the initial base page
>as long as I can keep its visibility "hidden" or display of "none"
>and then have it appear with the onClick... I have not found out how
>to create the pane invisibly yet though nor do I know what control
>to set to trigger the visibility with the onClick.
>I can dig that I might be grossly abusing the widgets in this fashion.
>Am I?  Is creating/using Dojo widgets possible through a third party
>ajax framework??
>I will supply a link to this test if you need.
>Dojo FAQ: http://dojo.jot.com/FAQ
>Dojo Book: http://manual.dojotoolkit.org/DojoDotBook
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