[Dojo-interest] Sizing a DropdownDatePicker

Jan Vehlow jan.vehlow at dna-gmbh.de
Tue Nov 21 07:02:22 MST 2006

Hi Everybody,


I'd like to know if there is any possibility to change the size of the
DropdowDatePicker Input field. My Problem is, that the width of the input
field together with this tiny calendar Image is about 100px and I'd like
change the Size to about 80px or 90px. Just for saving some space.


Would be nice hearing from you.


I'd be glad about any hint you can give, don't matter if in JS, CSS or
directly in HTML.




P.S.: Is anbody planing to make a DropdownDateandTimePicker? That would be a
nice thing for me. :-)

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