[Dojo-interest] Performance problem ... and worries.

James Burke jburke at dojotoolkit.org
Mon Nov 20 08:48:30 MST 2006

On 11/20/06, Robert Koberg <rob at koberg.com> wrote:
> I am surprised this thread died here.
> Well... There seem to be two opinions on inheritance within dojo. Does
> extending HtmlWidget increase overhead or does it have no effect?
> The answer should affect how the TreeV3 is built with regard to
> extensions. If there is no burden inherited then the Tree extensions are
> fine and dandy. If there is a burden, then the extensions are wasteful.
> In any case, it should be clear for those who want to write their own
> widgets versus creating objects that do not carry additional/unnecessary
> overhead.
> what do you think/know?

I would prefer to avoid addition swirl on this thread by seeing an
actual test case testing both approaches. This would give something
concrete to talk about, and help isolate issues. If a simple test case
shows roughly equivalent performance, but that does not match when
extending a particular widget, that would help isolate what piece of
code has any potential performance issues.

And maybe start a new thread with a more specific subject.


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