[Dojo-interest] widget\tree.html NOT running in IIS6 (win2003server) ?????? RPC XMLHttpTransport Error 404

Robert Coup robert.coup at onetrackmind.co.nz
Thu Nov 16 14:41:50 MST 2006

genc_ymeri at hotmail.com wrote:
> Any input why can't I run succesfully widget\tree.html in IIS6 
> (win2003) ?
> I would appreicate any input. We are really stuck while we really like 
> DOJO tree control.
> Genc
> PS:
> 1. I already tried in IIS 5.1 (XP) & tomcat and it runs fine under 
> both browsers, IE & Firefox
> 2. Error shown when tried to open nodes : RPC XMLHttpTransport Error 404
404 is generally resource not found...

Try using MS Fiddler or something similar to check what requests are 
made and look for any
errors and differences between IIS6 and others.

Rob :)

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