[Dojo-interest] Strange bug in the DND

aslak johannessen aslak at scanventure.no
Tue Nov 14 12:26:26 MST 2006


I am experiencing some rather strange bugs in a demo im currently 
working on. I have made a test for you guys on:

The point of the demo is to edit the menu of this portal. the spec is to 
move add remove edit-label of the menu blocks and items. the bugs is ties.

1) if you try to move one item(the ones without underlining) between to 
blocks and you move the mouse over a menu block label you are not able 
to position the item. You can work around by taking the mouse out of the 
menu and in without going over a menu label. By doing this you are able 
to move any item to any blocks, almost.

2) to add a menu block, press the plus beside a menu block label. this 
will add a menu block to the bottom. But you are not able to move any 
items to it. Unless, and here comes the funny part, you pressed the plus 
before the site was completely loaded.

Do any one have ties same problems? or if any one can take a look at the 
init method and the addMenuBlokk method and see if they understand any 
of ties questions I would appreciated it!


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