[Dojo-interest] Dojo bloated / sluggishness

Sanjiv Jivan sanjiv.jivan at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 12:12:56 MST 2006

Thanks for considering this as a real concern. I read your response
regarding the Dojo AOP stuff but I still don't understand why Dojo is
AOP'ing non-Dojo elements.

The slowing down of things over time with Dojo seems related to widgets and
the event system. I checked out Boompa and would not classify this as a
prime example of a Dojo app as it uses Dojo in a very limited way (io bind
and some css manipulation).

AFAIK, the sluggishness is related to widgets and/or events. I realize that
unless you have a sample / test to reproduce the issue its hard to chase
this one down. I'm going to do some more testing to narrow the issue and
make it reproducible. I'll also try to make my app accessible on the
internet for you guys to reproduce the issue. All I can tell at the moment
is that the issue seems related to widgets and (connect) events.

FYI here are the dojo pieces that I'm using :
1. Lots of tabs,
2. Several content panes that loads data remotely as well as locally. some
cached and some not..
3. Dojo dialog that loads remote content ( which is dispalyed within a tab
container with 5 non cacheable tabs).
4. Dojo check boxes, form fields, and image / href links which connected to
Dojo events / actions.
5. Dojo wizard (but i've seem the slugishness even before I started using
the Wizard).

btw has anyone used the Tito web studio profiler mentioned in the Dojo book
for performance profiling? Would you recommend it?


On 11/5/06, Alex Russell <alex at dojotoolkit.org> wrote:
> On Thursday 05 October 2006 6:08 am, Sanjiv Jivan wrote:
> > I would appreciate if someone from the Dojo team could comment on
> > this. Is this something that you guys are aware of and is not a
> > priority or am I doing something screwy?
> It sounds real. I'll try leaving a browser up on the demos page this
> evening. What demo in particular is triggering the issue for you? Or
> does it matter?
> > I have several Dojo widgets
> > but the thing is that even just leaving the browser open without any
> > intereaction with the app makes it slow over time.
> If the mouse is over things, spurious events may still be getting
> thrown, and there might be object allocation overhead in any listeners
> trying to handle them. It might be as simple as the global onresize
> handler going a bit tilt. Whatever it is, we'll need a minimal test
> case to track it down.
> > What are the larger Dojo based applications on the web? Its quite
> > surprising that I couldn't find many by searching on google.
> Almost anything built on/with JotSpot uses Dojo and in some cases, like
> Jot Tracker, uses Dojo heavily. The TurboAjax guys have an app,
> TurboDBAdmin which is built almost entirely with Dojo, and other public
> sites like Boompa use Dojo for their public-facing Ajax.
> > Like I said, the sluggishness appears with the Dojo demo site when a
> > browser is left open for a while. I hear the Renkoo is Dojo based too
> > but it seems invite only.
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