[Dojo-interest] wipeIn / Out fails in Firefox?

sez sez at lightspring.com
Fri Dec 22 09:11:18 MST 2006


I have an application for which I have a data table (i.e., a FilteringTable)
which displays data after the user does a query from a database using
ComboBox widgets. After the query, the user can click a button which will
then dynamically create a line chart of this data (using JFreeChart). 

I'm using Dojo to do a wipeIn of this chart so that it visually pushes the
data table down the page. This way, the user knows the data hasn't
disappeared--it's just below the chart. This works fine in IE 6 but it does
not work in FireFox 2.0. What happens instead is there is a slight "jump" in
the page where the chart is supposed to go, but you never see the chart. 

Here's the relevant code. It's a callback function from a dojo.io.bind: 

function populateGraph(data) {
		var status = dojo.dom.textContent(data.getElementsByTagName("status")[0]);
		var pingChart = dojo.byId("chart");
		var pbar = dojo.widget.byId("dbBar");
		if (status=="success") {
			pingChart.innerHTML = " \"ChartGenerator\" ";
		} // end if
		dojo.lfx.html.wipeIn(pingChart, 1000, dojo.lfx.easeIn).play();
	} // end populateGraph()

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a known issue? I've seen another
thread here talking about problems with Safari, but this is with Firefox. 


P.S. It looks like the forum software is mangling the pingChart.innerHTML
line above. It's just an escaped img src tag to a servlet that serves up the
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