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Vikas Sasidharan vikas.sasidharan at tavant.com
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Here is one way you can achieve (1):

//This code assumes that you are using the TreeSelectorV3 
// extension and that the selector is already created and
// available under the reference "selector".


function handleNodeSelect(event) {
    var clickedNode = event.node;

    // We cancel out the select if it is a folder.
    if(clickedNode.isFolder) {
        clickedNode.expand(); // If you want...

The above code prevents selection of non-leaf (folder) nodes. Of course,
you can replace that check with whatever is relevant to your case.

This code was taken from my post
(http://www.nabble.com/forum/ViewPost.jtp?post=7495507&framed=y). Check
that out if you want more details.

As for (2), you are right - you can use a css based approach for that.
Here is how you can do it for the example that was mentioned above:


function afterTreeNodeAdded(event) {
	var node = event.child;
	if(node.isFolder) {
	  dojo.html.addClass(node.contentNode, "unSelectableContent");

// and in your css file
.unSelectableContent {


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Nobody?  I can't be the only person who's tried to do this...


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I have a dataset (static) that is formed of nested divs.  

I'm able to create a tree fairly easily using the source found here:

However, the problem I have is that I need some nodes to be selectable,
and some not.  

What I can't figure out is: 
1, how to disable selection on some nodes
2, how to have a visual difference (Make the text and link and let my
CSS take care of it?) between a selectable and non-selectable tree node.

Any suggestions?

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