[Dojo-interest] problem wth DnD an dojo 0.41

Joey Wong joey at crazycoder.com
Mon Dec 11 09:08:57 MST 2006


I ran into the same problem as well. I did a simple change to the dojo source 
and it seems to be working fine for now:

//var domTds = tdp.childNodes;
var domTds = tmpSrcTr.childNodes;

Let me know if it works for you. Thanks.

Best regards,
Joey Wong
joey at crazycoder.com

On Sunday 10 December 2006 9:05 pm, Yoav Rubin wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've just upgraded my app to use the new 0.41 version (instead of the 0.4
> version). It seems that there is a bug with DnD. In my app I've defined one
> of the tables to be an HtmlDropTarget, and all of the TRs to be an
> HtmlDragSource. It worked perfectly in the 0.4 version. Now, after the
> upgrade, if I try to do some DnD, I get an error that sais 'TDP is not
> defined'. I've located the problem, and it seems that in the file
> HtmlDragAndDrop.js , line 136 is var "domTds = tdp.childNodes;", where tdp
> was nor defined earlier. Does anyone has any idea how to solve this
> problem? any workaround?
> thanks
> Yoav
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