[Dojo-interest] initializing a dojo tree

Mikkel Riber riber at calico-jack.dk
Thu Dec 7 01:58:10 MST 2006


I'm new to Dojo as well..


But you could try this:

Make a contentpane widget, and use the href to define the php which is
populating the tree..

I think the holepage would download, before the contentpane will begin it's

Or else you can do


I think that should do the trick ..

(Contentpane has a property which allows you to set a custom "loading"
message.. and http://www.ajaxload.info/ has some quite neat loading images)


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Hi.... I'm new to this so be gentle

I have a got a dojo tree going and currently I am using some PHP to populate
the tree with a set of initial root nodes. This happens before the page is

I would like to make the building of these initial root nodes an ajax call
once the page has been displayed with some visual indicator that the tree is
being built. 

Is this possible? And the obvious question...... and if so, how?



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