[Dojo-interest] Dojo LayoutContainer "wake up" call

Fredrik Johansson fredrik at mumme.se
Wed Dec 6 12:42:12 MST 2006

onsdag 06 december 2006 20:01 skrev Irv Salisbury:
> I am using LayoutContainer and love it.  There are times when it seems
> after a page load it is off a little bit, and if I just resize the browser
> slightly it "wakes up" and revalidates itself.  Unfortunately, I can't
> expect the users of the site to do this.  Is there a call I can make after
> loading a page to tell the LayoutContainer to "revalidate" itself as a
> precaution?
> Thanks.
> irv

Not that I know if it works, but I would give onResized() a try

/ Fredrik

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