[Dojo-interest] Dojo example code proposals!

Laurent Hasson ldh at laurent-hasson.com
Fri Dec 1 12:37:16 MST 2006

"somewhat of a speed increase"? I implemented tooltips for my site 
(see example here 
This page has some 100+ links with tooltips and the difference 
between markup and programmatic was close to an order of magnitude 
difference (some 85% faster!!!). On a fast modern machine with plenty 
of memory, that translates into over 3s Vs. less than half a second, 
but on a slower machine, it goes from unusable to usable as the 
browser will popup an alert if a script takes too long to execute, 
which the parsing logic does at page load time.

Since then, i pretty much always use direct JavaScript creation and 
never use tags anymore. I think the technology is very cool to get 
started and prototype things up, but for a production site, it's not 
appropriate yet. Gotta wait till dual cores become the low-end of the 
market... That takes us into 2010?

This is why i suggest that proper samples show all three methods, and 
there be also some chapter about the various performance tradeoffs 
between the three versions. I caught this problem early in my 
development from a user who had a slower machine, but i'd hate to see 
some Dojo-based project move forward with developer-class machines 
thinking that everything is beautiful with all those easy-to-use 
tags, and then suddenly realize performance issues too late and blame 
it on Dojo.


At 11:28 AM 12/1/2006, mengel at notes.cc.sunysb.edu wrote:

> From what I understand, there's somewhat of a speed increase by 
> creating the widgets dynamically.
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>Re: [Dojo-interest] Dojo example code proposals!
>Very good suggestion.
>A question:
>Are there any differences between markup widget and those created
>I think I saw differences between them in the case of Accordion widget
>espaiclly as related to cross-browser funcationality.
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> > As a general note I think the emphasis of the current examples is too much
> > on markup widget use. I suggest adding more examples using dynamic widget
> > creation.
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