[Dojo-interest] Re: ContentPane executing scrpts

Jon Sykes jon.sykes at media-hive.com
Thu Apr 20 12:45:36 MDT 2006

At the very least set it as an option.  I always thought  
executescripts="true" would allow this, but apparently that's  
something else.

If there was a includeScripts="true" setting, then the developer can  
make the choice, if they go with true they should be prepared to  
manage conflicts.

I think anyone loading JS that is dynamic in nature into content  
panes is really going to need this functionality.


On Apr 18, 2006, at 5:29 PM, Fredrik Johansson wrote:

> tisdag 18 april 2006 16:14 skrev Jeoff Wilks:
>> It seems to me Fredrik's example is equivalent to just having  
>> ContentPane
>> write the eval'd script object into the global scope... which, in my
>> opinion, is a perfectly good idea.
> Actually I was trying to avoid eval in global, because if we stuff  
> eval code
> in a separate scope we can delete that scope later when contentpane  
> pulls in
> another script.
> I might be wrong about this though, I didnt get it to work when I  
> tried during
> weekend. Need to investigate more.
> But maybe you are right, maybe we should just set it to global,  
> warn about
> collision and be done with it. In either case Id's in the  
> htmlcontent might
> collide with other id's in the page.
> / Fredrik
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