[Dojo-interest] TreeWidget: how to get current node on createChild

Steve B. steve at browsermedia.com
Sat Apr 1 20:10:35 MST 2006

I am working with the TreeWidget. I am creating .jsp(s) (invoked as RPCUrl) which use a database to 
maintain tree data. I am using a download from ~1 week ago. So far so good - thanks for the 
excellent widget. I also appreciate the answers to many question I have found in this list's archives.

I am now working with createChild. For development and debugging, I echo all param values (as 
Strings). In getChildren and removeNode I find a parameter- or JSON- value which gives me 
selected-node information. However, for createChild, I only see:

     index = 0
     action = createChild
     dojo.preventCache = 1143945907736
     data = {"suggestedTitle":"New node"}
     tree = [object Object]
     parent = [object Object]

How do I get the selected node to which I am trying to add the child?


Steve B.

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