[Dojo-interest] Debug Issues

David Schontzler schontz at gmail.com
Tue May 31 21:52:53 PDT 2005

Alright, so I went ahead and made dj_debug do a doc.write as a last
resort. I think that this may be a bit little dangerous, since
document.write can clobber a page, but it first attempts to append
something to the document, which shouldn't fail if there is a page. If
anyone has problems with that, please let me know!


On 5/31/05, Scott J. Miles <sjmiles at turbophp.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the info. I'll stay tuned.
> Scott
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> On 5/31/05, Scott J. Miles <sjmiles at turbophp.com> wrote:
> > Two questions re: debug,
> >
> > (1) In latest revision, when isDebug is true, I get a lot of informational
> > messages on my page in IE but not in FF. What is the intended behavior? If
> > possible, it would be nice if the messages could be appended rather than
> > prepended to my document.
> The problem there is that the debug statements are attempting to
> append to the body and it isn't available yet, so the debug statements
> get lost. I always changed the catch() to document.write it out, but I
> didn't know if it was safe enough to commit that. Maybe I'll do that
> anyhow?
> > (2) The dojo.hostenv.loadModule API is wonderful: it manages lots of nasty
> > dependency issues. However, it also borks debugging (all errors are said
> to
> > come from "line 536 on bootstrap1.js"). Is there a way I can include a
> > widget code-file directly without having to also manually insert all the
> JS
> > files it depends on?
> I tried to make something that'd do that, but I didn't have much luck
> the first go-round. I may try to do it again though. I'll keep you
> informed.
> -David
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