[Dojo-interest] Threading?

Steve Yen steve.yen at metaha.com
Tue May 24 10:46:34 PDT 2005

One more alternative being explored: the HailiWiki project (clone
of TiddlyWiki) is playing with how to use client-side JavaScript
continuations to make the Ajax async programming model better...


On 5/24/2005, "Harry Fuecks" <hfuecks at gmail.com> wrote:

>Saw that the f(m) project (http://fm.dept-z.com/) had an
>implementation of threads for Javascript. Some questions there;
>- Is this likely to make it's way into Dojo?
>- How feasible is this in Javascript anyway?
>- Does is work predictably and cross browser?
>Can imagine heavy reliance of window.setInterval which in turn exposes
>all sorts of bugs in Javascript implementations once you start putting
>it to real use.
>Reason why I'm interested is it might be nice as an alternative to
>async calls / handlers with XMLHttpRequest / io.bind. I had someone
>complain about this with JPSpan on their blog, that async calls
>resulted in painful coding:
>- some interesting general user space thoughts on AJAX there as well.
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