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Alex Russell alex at dojotoolkit.org
Mon May 23 22:29:12 PDT 2005

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So I've been remiss in my project duties and haven't sent one of these 
out in several weeks. As such, this mail will probably ommit some 
things. My apologies ahead of time.


* resizable textarea widget (Alex, David)
* wipeIn/wipeOut effects (David)
* slide-show widget (Alex)
* POST method tests added for dojo.io.bind() (David)
* functional Drag-and-Drop and widget resizing (Alex)
* paramString() method added to dojo.text.* (David)
* rgb2hex, hex2rgb, getBackgroundColor methods added to *Util (David)


* logo updated (Tom, Tim Mansfield)
* allow the default container node to be over-ridden when adding 
children of DOM widgets (Dylan)
* myriad fixes to htmlUtil (David)
* color-fade now works correctly in Safari (David)
* native events not clobberd by dojo.event.connect() unless absolutely 
necessaray (David)
* dojo.event.connect() now supports advice calling on a delay 
(setTimeout) (Alex)
* Allow passed arguments to over-ride the "method" provided by forms 
when using bind() (Owen Winkler)
* "Fast Widget Authoring" article updated and published (Alex with help 
from many others including Dylan, Martin, Tim Mansfield, Jennifer, 
Aaron, and David)
* Website updates (Alex, with prodding from many)
* Fade effects now work correcly on IE and less "flicker" when cycling 
through opacity (David)
* combo-box widget now shows search results (Alex)
* widget parent-child relationship now set correctly (Alex)
* make sure that widgets aren't container widgets by default (Alex)
* work much harder to make up for borken server-sent mimetype in bind() 
responses (David)
* speed improvements in widget creation for widgets subsequent to the 
first of any type (Alex)
* animation code updated to use dojo.event.connect() style event handler 

This Week


	* I'm going to be off in my own world working on Jot stuff, but will 
try to fix compression bug for Scott.

	* continued work on Dojo widgets for Jot


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