[Dojo-interest] Grid Widget and Deployment Issues

Scott J. Miles sjmiles at turbophp.com
Tue May 17 00:13:59 PDT 2005

Here is a test deployment of a dojo Grid widget I built after reviewing
Alex's latest widget documentation:


It's not much of a dataset, but the grid has sorting and in-place editing.
The data is retrieved asynchronously from a PHP/MySql backend. I have an
internal version which transparently writes edits back to the DB (which is
kind of snazzy).

I had some issues with attempting to deploy my test code however. I built a
__package__.js using a custom profile that included my widget code, but then
dojo complained that WidgetManager.js could not be found. I worked around
that problem by including the WidgetManager.js in its usual spot

Then I noticed that my resize code wasn't functioning with the profile build
vs the full source version, so I punted and just copied the needed bits from
the source tree to my deployment.

I'm not sure how to go about debugging my problems with the __package__.js
build. It would be a lot nicer to have that simple deployment. 

Also, I noted (via Venkman) that dojo was throwing a lot of (invisible)
error messages about the modules I didn't include in my source deployment.
Can I suppress those by setting debug to false?

Please let me know how you find the grid demo. God knows how well it works
in the wild.


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