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Alex Russell alex at dojotoolkit.org
Mon May 2 22:48:03 PDT 2005

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Wow. What a week!


* David and Dan went to town on our animation code. You can now animate 
things on curves, circles, or linear paths, set animations to run 
one-after-another, and fade things in and out with impunity. Test pages 
also added and continuiously updated. Given the sure number of checkins 
this comprised, I'm sure I'm missing some really cool features from 
this work, and hopefully Dave or Dan can breif us on the new APIs 
(perhaps in the wiki?). (David Schontzler and Dan Pupius)

* HTML Opacity setting and getting functions added (Dylan, David)

* A plan has been devised for attacking the data binding problem (Mark 
Anderson, Dylan, Alex, lots of other people)

* HTML log of the data binding IRC discussion contributed by David

* HTML offset calculation code added, creation of the back-button iframe 
made conditional, and widget querying by type added


* Updates to the website look and feel (Tom)

* Added a link to our Wiki from the front page (Tom)

* Fix for the two-back-button error that Scott Miles reported (Scott J. 
Miles, Alex)

* A new version of the browserio package was built and posted. Huge 
thanks to everyone that has contributed patches and bug reports to help 
make this package better (Alex)

* added support for constructing two non-destructive widgets from a 
single inline ctor node (Alex)

* 3-argument dojo.event.connect() calls are now significantly more 
correct (Alex)

* working search code for the combo box widget. Still needs to be 
refactored to use a data binding implementation when we have one (Alex)

* dojo.alg.* updates and fixes for the test cases (they now pass)

* event property normalization for IE fixed

* added a new method for building the default widget tag handler. 
Reduces the amount of boilerplate in widget code.

This Week


	* Alex promises, for real this time, to get the combo box minimally 
	* drag-and-drop infrastructure should be complete for HTML
	* a resizeable textarea widget (contributed by Jot)

Others? Let us know what you're hacking on!


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