[dojo-contributors] Dijit Intern-Conversion

Jason Voccia Jason.Voccia at mathworks.com
Mon Dec 1 14:26:01 EST 2014

I am new to contributing code to Dijit/Dojo, and found that DOHRobot was not working well in any configuration I could put together.
It also looks like you all are moving to intern for testing from DOH.

I wanted to get an automated test for #18262 before submitting so I took a first pass at converting the menu_mouse tests in Dijit to intern - here:
following the layout you all used for Dojo (folder called tests-intern off the root of the repo)

Are you open to these types of contributions?
Is there a place where you are collecting these types of changes?
And finally if the first two questions are affirmative - Could I get some feedback/help on getting these tests to passing at 100%/techniques to simplify the testing code/or what I am doing wrong :)?

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