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Kitson Kelly me at kitsonkelly.com
Sun Mar 17 07:28:22 EDT 2013

With the release of 1.9 imminent, we hopefully would release Dojo 2.0
before we release 1.10, at least that is the plan we have been discussing.
 We also did not add any new sub-modules in Dojo 1.9 (or 1.8 if I remember
correctly).  Obviously the core and widgets in 2.0 are still much a topic
of conversation.  But there will not be a DojoX in 2.0.  We have all agreed
to that.  So we need to figure out what happens to the existing code base
post 1.9.

Ideally, anyone raising their hand to take a lead on a particular part of
DojoX would first get it working against Dojo 1.X and then as the Core and
widgets take shape, they transition to that.  The beauty of AMD is that it
should mostly be a minor refactoring, but the "heavy lifting" is breaking
it out.  This is what Dylan was referring to as "seeding" some packages.

I have marked a few of the widgets in DojoX that I am fond of in the
document mentioned below and will be breaking them out into
a separate package.  It will initially run against 1.9 (or SVN trunk), but
as Dojo 2.0 materialises, I will transition it to that.  Hopefully there
are others willing to start the same process so we can all figure out how
we do this.

My suggestion would be that once a package is sufficiently standalone, we
remove its corresponding code from DojoX for 1.10 and beyond.  In some
cases this will also allow us to close down lingering tickets in

On 17 March 2013 11:13, Bill Keese <bill at dojotoolkit.org> wrote:

> Not quite sure what you're suggesting by "pulling apart DojoX".
> Do you mean to start github repositories for version 2.0 of gfx, charting,
> mobile, etc.?   I.E. creating projects to be used with Dojo core 2.0?  Or
> rather, to move the existing 1.9 code to github?   Or both?
> On Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 8:02 PM, Kitson Kelly <me at kitsonkelly.com> wrote:
>> All:
>> Time has come to start pulling apart DojoX as we move towards Dojo 2.0.
>> While all the packaging for Dojo 2.0 isn't finalised, I have created a template
>> package repository<https://github.com/kitsonk/dojo2-boilerplate-package/>.
>>  I may not have covered off everything, so please feel free to PR anything
>> you think is important.  There is also a wiki<https://github.com/kitsonk/dojo2-boilerplate-package/wiki>located there contains documentation and guidelines around packages,
>> including a listing of current packages that are already "broken out".
>>  This is just there until we have finalised how we maintain a repository of
>> packages.  Please contribute to all the content there.  We need to flesh
>> out this particular aspect of Dojo 2.
>> We also need to make further work on how DojoX will be broken down.  Many
>> of you have contributed to the Dojo Toolkit 2.0 - DojoX Decomposition<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kPufZYy7G_nK90z3TlojK7hC10BTZdTF-N2UEFpoP5M/edit?usp=sharing>document, but we need to continue to figure out where things will go.  In
>> particular, there are lots of single widgets in dojox/form and dojox/widget
>> and dojox/layout that need to either be grouped together in a
>> logical package or marked as abandoned.  Even if something is a good idea,
>> or has a lot of users in Dojo 1.X, doesn't mean that someone has held up
>> their hand to put the effort into bringing that into Dojo 2.0.  If you are
>> intend to do something with anything in there, please add to the document
>> so others can know your intent, otherwise a lot of the good ideas in DojoX
>> will simply get abandoned.  Think of it as a cathartic spring cleaning.
>> Regards,
>> Kit
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