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Kitson Kelly kitson.kelly at asseverate.co.uk
Sat Jun 30 11:51:14 EDT 2012

I think there has been a lot of confusion around for example:
http://livedocs.dojotoolkit.org/build/messages/354, which was caused by an
accidental regression in 1.7.3.  It says exactly what the problem is "Root
bundle indicates localized bundles that don't exist" but what to do about
it, what it really means, etc. is a bit hard to expand in the output from a
builder.  Having a resource/reference guide to be able to consult to figure
out what is really going on seemed appropriate.

There was a lot of discussion that the builder is complicated, which I
don't think anyone debates, but we need to try to find ways to make it more
accessible.  Rawld was rightfully stating that it would take 100 pages to
try to simply explain the builder, which is probably true.  The existing
builder documentation is accurate, but not accessible and "go read the
code" is likely not the best response.

If we think that we can express, like for the above, that in order to deal
with optimisation of NLS bundles, the AMD loader doesn't attempt to load
bundles in async mode unless the bundle is specifically identified in the
root of the NLS bundle and while building, it was found that there were
some languages that couldn't be found by the builder and therefore couldn't
be built into the built language bundles and therefore you are likely to
get failures when you try to load this built bundle and you should really
fix the root of your your NLS bundles before you do anything else, by
expanding the error message in the builder output, then maybe, but I don't
think that would work personally...

On 30 June 2012 15:52, Mike Wilcox <mike at mikewilcox.net> wrote:

> Sorry I missed that; I can only attend the first hour of the meeting. Why
> aren't the messages in the builder just expanded to explain the problem?
> Mike Wilcox
> http://clubajax.org
> mike at mikewilcox.net
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