[dojo-contributors] Submitting fixes - best practices?

Ken Benjamin kenbenjamin at kenbenjamin.net
Sat Jun 30 04:01:19 EDT 2012

Thanks, Kitson, that helps a lot.

How are those pretty diff files generated for Trac? I’m using Windows so if
there is some special tool that does it (other than a regular command line
“fc”), I’d like to know. Do you just generate the difference, put a .diff
extension on it and upload it?

Re. the patch I submitted, it’s a regression in 1.8b1 for dojo/_base/xhr.

[patch][cla] already attached. Testing, yes, but not via DOH. I haven’t
gotten into DOH yet but will take a look. This should be a clean patch but
definitely needs an expert eye since it’s in core.

Direct and robust feedback sounds good. Maybe I’ll learn something new.


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Standard practice is to attach a diff patch to the ticket.  As in the case
with the one you point out, it doesn't have an owner yet until.  Once it
gets triaged it will be assigned an owner, who is a committer and it will
be up to that owner to determine what action to take.  They may take your
patch wholesale, or may need to adjust it.  Sometimes they will give you
feedback on your patch, if it doesn't match the coding style (
http://livedocs.dojotoolkit.org/developer/styleguide) of the toolkit and
may request that you modify the test cases and the documentation as well.

Usually it is best to note when you submit your patch that you have a CLA
on file (if it is a CCLA, you should note what organisation).

You should have tested your patch against the appropriate DOH unit test
cases to ensure it doesn't introduce a regression and you should ensure it
patches cleanly into trunk.  It is also important to understand where we
are in the development cycle.  Right we are on a feature freeze, so nothing
that would appear to be an API change or enhancement will get accepted.

Be prepared for fairly robust and direct feedback on your code.

On 30 June 2012 08:22, Ken Benjamin <kenbenjamin at kenbenjamin.net> wrote:

As a newcomer to this list, I’d like to know the best approach for
submitting code fixes.

Specifically, I encountered an important bug in dojo/_base/xhr (submitted
w/fix in Trac http://bugs.dojotoolkit.org/ticket/15591) that highlighted
the need to update dojo/rpc/* to support dojo/request.

dojo/rpc/* works correctly with the submitted fix to dojo/_base/xhr so
nothing really **needs** to be done until 2.0 but…

Should I:

A)     submit updated versions of dojo/rpc/* to Trac

B)      submit some other way, how?

C)      ignore dojo/rpc and let someone else deal with it

D)     ignore dojo/rpc because “dojox/rpc will replace it” (when? really?)

I have a CLA on file but I’m reluctant to be a committer as I’m not
sufficiently confident or experienced enough in Dojo to know for sure that
my fixes might not break something else. I really need an experienced eye
on the code I submit just to be sure (or what passes for sure in software



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