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Kitson Kelly kitson.kelly at asseverate.co.uk
Wed Jun 27 11:26:53 EDT 2012

Open, addressed and closed in https://github.com/wkeese/api-viewer/issues/9.
 While the existing theme was loosely derived from the old website, I have
converted it to a standalone them and an integrated theme which are both
based off of the current DTK website.  Bill hasn't refreshed his version

Again, we are accepting and tracking issues on the Github repository (maybe
I should get a job herding cats)! ;-)

On 27 June 2012 16:16, Tom Trenka <ttrenka at gmail.com> wrote:

> The API viewer at http://bill.dojotoolkit.org/api/ *is* using the right
> stylesheets; the API viewer always has been independent from
> dojotoolkit.org, and the stylesheets you are referring to are
> dojotoolkit.org specific.
> Because I based the viewer on the Google CDN, versions of DTK that it uses
> has always been at least one version behind.  Please keep in mind that part
> of the purpose of the viewer was to be an advanced demo of DTK; I'd hate to
> see that purpose lost.
> -- Tom
> On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 10:06 AM, Colin Snover <
> dojo-contributors at zetafleet.com> wrote:
>>  The API viewer at http://bill.dojotoolkit.org/api/ is not using the
>> correct stylesheet so I would fully expect that you see issues like this
>> until it gets the correct styles.
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