[dojo-contributors] Instrumenting deferreds to log (unhandled) rejection values

Mark Wubben mark at novemberborn.net
Sun Jun 17 13:46:56 EDT 2012

On 11 Jun 2012, at 07:54, Kitson Kelly wrote:

> Yes, based on the conversation we had yesterday, I think the stack traces would be useful.
> Also, I think we should standardise on "debug" output with dojo/has and that like dojo/error, we should potentially consider standardising on on some sort of instrumentation that isn't only for promises, but potentially other areas.  Like for example dojo/debug and then it would make it quite easy for us to develop around that.  I know "isDebug" config option has sort of dwindled to basically some output of some of the kernel log messages, but I think there is an opportunity to build something that is more meaningful around more "modern" Dojo concepts.

See <https://github.com/novemberborn/dojo/compare/instrument-deferreds> for instrumentation that runs by default. It also tracks stack traces. Haven't quite settled on what to log precisely, but this should be a good start. A brief look in Firefox though shows the stack traces to be just horrible. Any ideas?

I've tried to disable the automatic instrumenting in the various build profiles, see <https://github.com/novemberborn/dojo-util/compare/instrument-deferreds>.

Before I merge this, any feedback on the instrumentation or how it's all hooked up?

Mark Wubben


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