[dojo-contributors] dojo/has Tags

Mark Wubben mark at novemberborn.net
Tue Jun 12 05:46:53 EDT 2012

On 12 Jun 2012, at 07:25, Bill Keese wrote:
> I'm definitely +1 on better managing the names of has() flags.   And it might even be worse than inconsistent naming; I think we might even have some duplicates.
> IIRC Kris was adamant about registering tags in the modules that use them, rather than a central place, but that's assuming that only one module is using them.

It's a bit extreme, but perhaps create separate modules to register individual tags, e.g. `dojo/gfx/has-requestAnimationFrame`. At the very least it pulls the definition out of the modules and allows new code to pull in a tag from a different module that wouldn't normally be required.

Mark Wubben


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