[dojo-contributors] new doc parser and tags

Bill Keese bill at dojotoolkit.org
Thu Jun 7 19:33:52 EDT 2012

On Fri, Jun 8, 2012 at 12:48 AM, Tom Trenka <ttrenka at gmail.com> wrote:

> However, the usage of tags seems to have generated a bit of confusion;
> some see it as a way of marking fields using compiled language modifiers
> (i.e. static, protected, const), and some see it as a way of implementing a
> tag cloud (for instance, tagging something as "ajax" or "DOM").  We'll
> probably need to have this clarified.
> Hmm, where are things tagged as "ajax" or "DOM"?    The style guide (
http://livedocs.dojotoolkit.org/util/doctools/markup#tags plus
lists the set of expected tags (although now looking at it, I see that
dijit has also been using const and readonly, so I need to add those).
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