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Adrian Vasiliu adrian.vasiliu3+dojo at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 07:22:30 EDT 2012


As Bill, I think an automatic doc inheritance for the overrides would be
useful. And, indeed, a doc comment such as
// summary: The method overrides a.b.
isn't a good idea, at least because the old API doc used to include
automatically exactly the same information, for example:
[image: Images intégrées 1]
Hopefully, the new doc will do the same. (Instead, a normal code comment
about the override may still be useful for readers of the source code.)

On the other side, supporting a doc comment tag such as "inheritDoc" may
still be useful, as long as its scope would be distinct for each section of
the doc comments, such that you can mix the inheritance with custom doc,

// summary: [inheritDoc]
// description:
//             [inheritDoc]
//             Additionally, this override does this and that.
// foo: [inheritDoc]
// bar: String//            Some custom explanation.
// returns: [inheritDoc]

Just my dreaming cents ;-)
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