[dojo-contributors] inherited summaries

Bill Keese wkeese at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 19:29:02 EDT 2012

Do overridden methods need summaries?

My assumption was that if you override a method but don't specify a
summary, that method will "inherit" it's summary from the superclass.
Doesn't seem to work with the old or new parser though.   Just an
unimplemented feature?

Typically, overriding a method doesn't change what the method does, so I
think it would be useful to not have to cut-and-paste the summary from the
superclass.   Of course you could specify a summary if you wanted to.

Conversely, code like below seems bad because it hides the description of
what the method actually does, and doesn't provide any information that
isn't already available from the doc parser itself:

buildRendering: function(){

// summary: The method overrides dijit._TemplatedMixin.startup.

(That example is also bad because the formatting is wrong, and it's lying
about what method it overrode.)
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