[dojo-contributors] Stance on custom error types

Bryan Forbes bryan at reigndropsfall.net
Wed Jun 6 13:14:00 EDT 2012

Mark Wubben wrote:
> On 6 Jun 2012, at 12:46, Bryan Forbes wrote:
>> It looks good, however I'm working on some changes to the internals to
>> dojo/request which would change how errors are passed around. I like
>> dojo/errors and will move the errors I have created locally to that
>> directory.
> Should I remove the dojo/request changes from my patch?

If you don't mind, yes. It'll be easier for me to make my changes that
way :).

> Also, depending on how many error objects we create, should we just add a utility to take care of the subclassing? Much like <https://github.com/promised-io/core/blob/master/lib/errorFactory.js>.

That looks pretty similar to what Eugene posted yesterday, but I think
we can do better. I wrote up something here and would welcome feedback:


Bryan Forbes

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